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I find in MARRIAGES very often the INDIVIDUAL does not understand their own PERSONALITY and therefore they will have problems understanding their PARTNERS PERSONALITY. I run a certified personality test which will give one insight into their personality type and temperament. This helps people to understand themselves and others and how to communicate effectively.

Willy is convinced that successful marriages are the foundation for fruitful, happy families and for the health and wellbeing of society as a whole. He believes that children thrive excel in stable marriages.

"The Marriage relationship is designed for our happiness," says Willy. "Yet somehow we've lost the understanding of just how precious it is and it so often becomes the opposite.

Willy's enthusiasm, expertise and passion are inspiring. An experienced professional communicator – alongside a full counselling schedule, he has written several books and spoken on radio and at corporate functions.

He presents his ideas with down-to-earth practicality and humour from the 48 years of his own marriage and some unique, even unconventional. His insights into how to achieve a solid foundation of understanding and respect between two very different individuals are his speciality.



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