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The reason I chose the title Love Promises is Love calms anger and can bring peace, Love gives hope when there is despair, and when a couple has no more answers let love take over and bring in some past memories when there was plenty of silly love laughter and joy no matter how much pressure there was always Love for each other that kept you going.

My Love promise is to give you, as couples, the opportunity to learn how to speak the  Love  Language to each other at all times.

Here are a few tips on how to enhance your relationship:

Never stop holding hands, for when you don’t have words holding hands is a language that speaks to the soul.

Never stop kissing as that holds a high place when a couple first meet but, seems to disappear after a while and we start pecking each other on the cheek or on the head as we go past.  The Oxford University did a study on kissing some years ago and the result was more happens to your body with a passionate than twenty minutes of rigorous exercise. That tells me that kissing is very important.

From the relationship watchdog. Willy

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