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Personality. What does it mean to most people and especially couples? Not much because every body has there own idea about what their personality is.

Each personality has two temperaments such as the extrovert has Sanguine and Choleric and the introverts temperaments has Phlegmatic and Melancholy.

Most people never get to know the truth about themselves. My question is how do you understand the next person, partner, friends, relative’s personality if you don’t understand your own.

If you have a mole in your garden he just appears when and where he likes and what ever time he wants to and plays havoc with your yard and your mind and so does your personality if you don’t understand it will make you mistrust your partners, friends and everybody that does  not have your personality and its temperament.

Temperament is the last thing that people talk or teach about in the work place, schools and home because, they don’t have a clue what it is about  and yet it is one thing that causes all the trouble. We look at someone that doesn’t have our personality and we can’t understand why they act the way they do and unwittingly a war starts a war we don’t understand.

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