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Get to know yourself, to grow yourself


 We help people learn about themselves.

Topics we discuss

  • Deal with your past, Before it starts dealing with you
  • Dealing with anger and fear
  • Discovering your own personality
  • Information of the conscious and subconscious
  • Setting long and short term goals
  • Balancing work and home


We offer courses, one-to-one coaching and small group coaching that imparts powerful and effective information on how to become a better you. Once you understand your personality it will help you to relate to people with different personalities.

We also offer corporate coaching and training.

Lectures given by Willy Conradie, Relationship Counselor, Life Skills Couch and Author


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A response to the course

Dear Willy,
Thank you so much for the time and effort you dedicated to this course. Thank you for "charging my batteries" again. I've learned so much about life and people and myself. Most interesting and insightful.
My suggestion would also be that you spend more time on the conscious and subconscious because after reading the book "Mind Power" I realized how powerful the mind is. Like you said yourself: "this is powerful stuff, phew!!" and it needs to be shared with as many people as possible because if you get that (how your mind works and how it influences your life, your reactions, your thinking processes - EVERY ASPECT of your life) then and only then do you start enjoying life to the full
More importantly is the fact that attending this course together with Rikus made our relationship deeper, more intense and even more powerful. We just keep on growing and our love just keeps on growing. It's amazing
Thanks for that Willy - you'll never know how much you've meant to us and still mean to us.

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