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When dealing with dating in a relationship there has to be a few issues that must  be sorted out.  Firstly you have to look back and see what are the things in your past that needs some serious attention. (To know more e-mail me personally This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

When a couple get together in a relationship or marriage, within no time, they settle down into a routine of what job is yours and  what is mine, and boy don’t do it and the other way and partner lets you know.  Willy, why mention this?  Because from here on  the stalemate starts to settle in and slowly it is goodbye to holding hands, kissing and even romance.

In every partnership one of the couple is the one that does most of the caring and the one that almost always says sorry!

Here is a real chapter on Sorry.

   The Great Escape (SORRY)

The biggest escape route in a relationship is the word “sorry.” Oh how amazing this five letter word has become, and how much arguing it has caused.

What an escape route it has become for partners who find themselves in trouble. “Sorry, sorry, but I said sorry, didn’t you hear or are you deaf?”

Amazing how this word has rescued couples’ hides. How do you argue with that? You cannot and so the whole “sorry” story starts again. The next time they do something wrong, they forget the previous time, and guess what – It is Mr “Sorry” to the rescue.

By now both partners are aware of Mr “Sorry.”

I’ve often thought about this word “sorry” - It’s nice if a partner says sorry, but if a partner repeatedly says sorry and doesn’t work with the problem, then that becomes a problem.

Mr. “Sorry” has been around for many years, long before you and I arrived.

My point is that we have to realize “sorry” is very relevant if the person means it, but if it is used just as an escape route, then that is when the word “sorry” is very dangerous.

Sorry is real when done with conviction and real honest repentance, and not just as a weapon to escape your conscience.

I wrote this article some years ago before I understood personalities the way I do now, and it would be important to tell you that certain personalities find it easier to say sorry than the other.  If you want to know more contact me on my e-mail.

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