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One of the areas where couples fail is the way that they talk to each other with no respect, it seems as though they are always in cross mode or just plain angry with each other.  My question is “how do you get intimate with your partner with this type of mind set?”

(1)   We go into the relationship with lots of love and then  turn it into a business deal in you do that and I do this so if one of us does not do our job the other partner can complain, instead of being a team. ‘Team work’ means we ‘work together’ as a team and where one is weak the other one in strong.

(2)   How much romance is in a couple’s planning?  From what I can see in couples, very little. Patsy and I made a decision nearly 35 years ago that I believe has helped our relationship tremendously, and that was, that we went out one night a week on a date, just to be alone and concentrate on each other.  I don’t believe anyone can relax at home because there is always something that needs your or your partner’s attention.  Plan romantic weekends away and surprise each other every now and then with a special romantic surprise.   

(3)   I am going to address one of the subjects that I am very passionate about and that is, Holding hands.

The dictionary describes it as:

A promise or pledge, as of marriage: He asked for her hand in marriage.

  Hold hands, to join hands with another person as a token of affection: They have

been seen holding hands in public.

I am amazed at how few couples hold hands these days!

I believe that when you are stressed or worried there is therapy in holding hands without one saying a word because I believe that when you hold hands there is an  unspoken communication.

In Louis Luyt’s Autobiography he said that when he came out from a very strenuous meeting he would get into the back seat of his car next to his wife and just hold her  hand and without saying a word they would draw strength from each other..


There is so many opportunities for couples to hold hands but, they don’t use it and the reason is that they don’t understand how important this act is.  Your partner is the most important person in your life, or at least should be, and you have the privilege to walk down the street and hold his or her hand.  What a privilege.

Holding hands often is a sign of security, comfort, trust and closeness.

The younger generation, meaning the younger couples, are of the impression that holding hands is only for old people. Ok young generation,  I challenge you today to break this myth and get with the program, and start holding that beautiful partner of yours’ hand and be pleasantly surprised.  Become more in touch with your partner.  

My next subject will be Hugging and Kissing

From: The Relationship Watchdog - Willy


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