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Through the years of counseling I have noticed that one of the first things that disappear in relationships is kissing.  Some years ago I woke up one morning and asked my wife what was missing in our marriage, something we used to do and don’t do anymore with surprise she said “I don’t know.”  Well I said I don’t either but I will find out.  About three weeks later I got out of bed and went down the passage and then it clicked, I went back to the room and said “I know! when did we stop kissing good morning? and Pat said “I don’t know”  but we both realized that we had stopped kissing good morning. 

Now I know the morning is not really the time to give a open mouth kiss but you can give a closed mouth kiss and a hug, after all, you have just spent the night together and this is a kiss and a hug of appreciation for being able to share the relationship and night together. This is your partner and lover after all!!

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