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When dealing with dating in a relationship there has to be a few issues that must  be sorted out.  Firstly you have to look back and see what are the things in your past that needs some serious attention. (To know more e-mail me personally This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

When a couple get together in a relationship or marriage, within no time, they settle down into a routine of what job is yours and  what is mine, and boy don’t do it and the other way and partner lets you know.  Willy, why mention this?  Because from here on  the stalemate starts to settle in and slowly it is goodbye to holding hands, kissing and even romance.

In every partnership one of the couple is the one that does most of the caring and the one that almost always says sorry!

Here is a real chapter on Sorry.

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One of the areas where couples fail is the way that they talk to each other with no respect, it seems as though they are always in cross mode or just plain angry with each other.  My question is “how do you get intimate with your partner with this type of mind set?”

(1)   We go into the relationship with lots of love and then  turn it into a business deal in you do that and I do this so if one of us does not do our job the other partner can complain, instead of being a team. ‘Team work’ means we ‘work together’ as a team and where one is weak the other one in strong.

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Having worked with couples as long as I have, to me there has always been something missing in their relationships.  An example:  you can always see a couple that has just met, and, man there is love in the air. They can’t let go of each other, they are laughing at silly little things and catching the odd kiss in public, oblivious of who is watching, after all they are in love.

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