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I promise to kiss you hello each time

                     you come home

     and good-bye each time we leave

                   for the day.

I promise to listen to you and try to

            understand your feelings

     even when they're very different

           from what mine would be.

I promise to be your biggest fan

     and support you in all you do.

I promise to laugh with you at least

                     once a day

  and when you cry wipe your tears

     and turn them into tears of joy.

I promise to hold you in my arms

every night and kiss you goodnight

      and tell you how much I need

             the closeness we share,

        and kiss you good morning

      to start your day with a smile.

I promise to love you with all my heart

        and to never stop finding ways

                  to show how much.

I want to get drunk on your laughter.

From: "The Real Balancing Act" by Willy Conradie

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