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The more I work with couples in relationships,  the more I realize how important a good relationship is to the community and the country.  The one area that to me is disturbing is how the children are suffering.  Even if the couples don’t split, the children are in deep trouble because of all the fighting and anger between their parents.  Many children, not all, but a big majority don’t know what a happy home is all about, parents don’t communicate they go their separate ways, do there own thing and  very little is done  together as a family.

Now you are saying WillyWhat are you talking about,” let me answer this by asking a question “how many children can say their parents speak nicely to each other and how many children can say they always see their parents holding hands and kissing each other hallo and good bye or just a sneaky little kiss every know and then?  How often do they hear their parents laughing together at silly things?  Do they hear their mom and dad saying “thank you” to each other or are they just used to their parents taking each other for granted?  Is there love oozing between them or just anger and disappointment?

NOW MY next question is, what chance have the children of this generation of having a happy and lovable home if they don’t know what a happy  marriage or relationship is all about?  Their perception of a relationship is the one they grew up with.  

Many couples I counsel are having problems and some of the problems are definitely from their memories of what happened in their childhood.


Parents it is vital you get your act together your children are watching!!

My next posting on my blog will be a story of a boy and his dad. (You can contact me directly if you have any questions) on my e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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