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Having worked with couples as long as I have, to me there has always been something missing in their relationships.  An example:  you can always see a couple that has just met, and, man there is love in the air. They can’t let go of each other, they are laughing at silly little things and catching the odd kiss in public, oblivious of who is watching, after all they are in love.

Then, the next move is to move in with each other to which I am totally against, or get married with which I agree.  Come some months or years later and that same couple walks past or you meet them at some place and now there is a totally different scene.  No more holding hands, no more silly giggling love, life has taken on a new meaning.  In most cases one of the faces will show a little disappointment.  What has changed? 

My personal belief is three things:

  • Firstly, sex has lost its excitement. (Because sex is NOT a foundation for love, it is an experience or a happening). 
  • Second, we have started taking each other for granted.
  • Thirdly, we have stopped Dating, yes, I said dating or courting or romancing each other.                    

More on dating to follow.

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