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Willy has written a series of booklets entitled, "Marriage, whose April Fool's Joke was This?", as well as "Revealing the Mystery Person in your Relationship".

His latest book "A Real Balancing Act" includes chapters on "How to Balance Work and Home", "Detox", "The Great Escape", "The Whirlpool of Love", Nuggets" and much more.




WARNING: The truths contained in this book can change your relationship and you as an individual if you dare to read it.

"This book is a must read. Having been married to Willy for 41 years does not exempt me from reading the book and learning from it. There is always place for improvement and I think this book is a good place to learn." -- Patsy Conradie.

"Willy Conradie loves people. He especially loves them to blossom in the area of their relationships and he is a talented Counselor, advising adults and children on all facets of life. No one is perfect, but this book will motivate every reader to 'give it a good go' and never stop trying." -- Val Waldeck, Author

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